Message from the Chair

My interest in the Paradise Theatre began in 1945 when as a first grader in Mora I saw this building under construction.  It was always a high-light to go to the movie with family and friends, to see live variety shows and then there were the Christmas matinees.  It was the finest theatre in the area and people came from miles around to visit this entertainment center.  The bird of paradise welcomed all to the Paradise Theatre with its flashing neon lights.

It served as a major source of entertainment for many years until the 1980’s when movie attendance declined with other offerings being available.  The magnificent structure stood vacant for a decade, its appearance deteriorated and was now a liability rather than the center of entertainment.

Three members of our community, Dick Roesler, Bob Lanoue and Mike Gorham, put together a plan to revitalize the theatre along with the help of countless volunteers. It since has a new board of directors, and has also been completely renovated, the interior and exterior. It is once more a beautiful theatre with many theatre renovation projects made possible through grant funding. We now have digital projection and updated surround sound.  

I am privileged to work with an active volunteer board, working hard to make this venue a success.  These members, along with the Paradise manager, have many new and exciting ideas as to how we can better bring art to the community.  These include matinees for seniors, cartoons for kids in the summer, live musical performances, plays performed by area community theatre groups and oh yes, those holiday matinees for kids.  The Paradise shows first run movies on a regular basis.

We ask you to take a break and step into paradise to see the wonderful improvements and remodeled environment on the inside of the legendary entertainment center.

Larry Brettingen MD

Board Chair

Paradise Community Theatre