Live Music Rental

The Paradise Theatre is a great venue for live performances, and has held many live shows to date. We have a full stage – 40′ W, 20′ D, 3 dressing rooms and easy rear theatre access for equipment. All new sound & lighting was installed in the summer of 2014,thanks to a grant from East Central Regional Arts Council.  This sound & lighting is dedicated to live performances only; a separate surround sound system is in place for all movies. 

The Lower 48, live at the Paradise, Fall 2014
The Lower 48, live at the Paradise, Fall 2014

In the summer of 2014 the auditorium was completely renovated, which included removing all wall insulation, replacing with new thermal insulation and new acoustic insulation. This created a great sound venue for live performances. 

The cost for one show rental is $500, which includes necessary setup time. Since the movie screen is retractable, and at the front edge of the stage, show equipment can be set up ahead of time if needed, everything set in place, then the screen raised when needed.

All new acoustic insulation behind fabric wall covering
All new acoustic insulation behind fabric wall covering

Please call the Paradise at 320-679-3964, & leave a message for Jake Mathison, theatre manager. We can easily arrange a time for you to check everything out and see if it works for you! 

Below is a list of sound equipment that the Paradise has in place for you to use. You are free to bring your own, to use along with ours, or if you prefer to use your own that’s fine too. 


LIve Sound Equipment: 

  1. Yamaha MG32/14FX x 32 channel sound board with 6 auxiliaries.
  2. House Speakers:

                  Two Bose 802’s

  1. JBL EON185 500 watt, 18” powered sub-woofer
  2. Two unpowered monitors and one powered monitor
  3. 4 SM58 microphones – 2 other misc handheld mics – and 2 group mics

                  that can be used for small groups or drum sets.

  1. 4 instrument direct boxes
  2. Sufficient cabling, adaptors and boom stands.