On Screen Advertising

On-screen advertising at the Paradise will reach all your existing & potential customers, shown through our high definition digital projector on our new big screen before every movie.

With the average monthly ad rate being $30, & your ad showing 5 days a week before every movie, each ad is less than $2. Marketing research has shown that cinema advertising delivers higher retention rate than any other media. This is because you have a captive audience with no remote control to change the channel! Each ad is shown through our high definition digital projector, along with voiceover for the ad through our surround sound system.

It is a simple, easy process of having your ad professionally produced as part of the Paradise on-screen advertising. Matt Utecht, will take photo’s at your location, which then will be made into alternating images for your ad. Then, along with visual captions,  Robin Riley (formerly of KBEK) will do the ad audio voiceover. Below is pricing & contact information.

Please call the theater manager, Jake Mathison, at 320-679-3964 to set get started! We will only show approximately 30 to 35 ads (depending on length of each ad). This is the most cost effective advertising you’ll find, to reach your audience, at these prices. Remember, the Paradise is a community owned non-profit theatre, we are here to work with you!

The top section below lists per month advertising cost’s for your ad. The next section is the one time cost to make the ad, sound & audio.

Click here for a printable document of our advertising rates