To efficiently be able to provide a variety of quality entertainment and keep the Paradise running at its best, the Board of Directors has sub-committee’s in charge of each area of the theatre. These sub-committee’s consist of board members, theatre manager, head projectionist and interested community members. If you are interested in participating on any of the following committee’s please call the Paradise at 320-679-3964, leave a message for Eric.

The following are the current committee members:

Volunteer Program:

Laurie Anderson       – Board Vice-Chair 

Norma Heggernes    – Asst. Manager

Film Festival:

Eric Carlisle              – Paradise Manager

Laurie Anderson     – Board Vice-chair

Peggy Carlson          – Board Secretary

Brandon Henschke – Theatre Lead Projectionist

Val Raivo                 – Mora Resident

Dennis Teplar         – Mora Resident

Expansion Committee:

Roger Nieboer        – Paradise Grant Writer/supporter

Jerome Carlson      – Mora Resident

Eric Carlisle            – Paradise Manager

Karen Amundson   – Board Member

Scott Moe                – Board Member

Danna Woods          – Past Board member, Mora Resident

Randy Ulseth           – Mora Resident

Bob Jensen               – Mora Resident

Live Entertainment:

Jared Faust              – Board Member

Eric Carlisle             – Paradise Manager


Cindy Larson            – Board Member

Phil Schroeder          – Board Member

Shannon Jackson     – Board Treasurer

Eric Carlisle               – Paradise Manager